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A: Our chains are 18K gold, applied using state of the art technology to a semi precious jewellers core. For lasting protection, Acryseal* (an acrylic composite seal, like a clear coat, that is unique and patented by Inch of Gold) is layered over the gold. This unique combination of layering steps give our chains lasting beauty that our competitor’s cannot match.

A: We started it! Inch of Gold is the original chain by the inch company, and we remain on the cutting edge of technology to make a great thing better still. Since 1982 we have a proven record of quality and customer service Only Inch of Gold chains have Acryseal*, a patented acrylic composite seal that provides lasting protection guaranteed in writing. You are looking for quality, selection, service and value…why settle for a poor imitation?

A: Please click on our “How to Measure” sidebar to the left of your screen and a comprehensive guide will walk you through it…it’s easy!

A: Our chains are priced by the inch, so multiply the price per inch by the length you need (to the nearest inch). For example, a 7″ bracelet in the Fancy Black Bead/Crystal ($8.00 per inch) would be $56.00. Unlike many of our competitors WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR PARTIAL INCHES, so if you need 1/4, 1/2, or even 3/4″ more for that perfect fit, your price will still be for 7″! Any applicable tax is not included. (5% GST) (8% PST added to purchases within Ontario)


NOTE:We will create your chain to the best of our ability to the size you order, but the sizes of the links in your chain are a factor we cannot control. With this in mind, we reserve the right to make your chain ‘to the nearest link’.

A: We will ship for free anywhere in North America. Any taxes, brokerage fees or other costs that might be levied by third parties are the responsibility of the buyer.

We will gladly ship worldwide; please contact us to determine shipping charges, which will be added to your order. Again, any other costs (brokerage, etc.) are the purchaser’s responsibility.

A: Your chain may be cleaned with mild soap and water if necessary. We do not recommend either liquid or ultrasonic jewellery cleaners because of the Acryseal* over the gold/silver.

A: Yes, you can. Please be advised that harsh chemicals in a hot tub or the minerals in a hot spring have been known to damage any fine jewellery at times.

A: We know, there are a lot of online sites selling jewellery chain by the inch. However, there is only one ‘Inch of Gold’. We have the long-term experience and name recognition that give us the reputation you have trusted since 1982. We are the only ones with 18K layered gold/silver chain protected with Acryseal*. We stand behind our product with pride and confidence, and offer a Lifetime Guarantee with every chain. You will get the same prompt, courteous, personal attention from us online as you would find at our retail store in Merrickille, ON. and we’ll have your chain on its way to you within 24 hours. You may find cheaper, but you’ll never find better product or service.

A: Solid 18K chains are prohibitively expensive and are too fragile to wear everyday. Jewellery stores offer premade chain at ‘standard’ sizes, and charge again to adjust that size if needed! Once purchased, you’re on your own. Here at Inch of Gold, you get a custom made chain that fits perfectly, at a fraction of the price, with the best guarantee in the industry. Our chains are made from the same gold as theirs are…but the advantage of the layering process is that it also adds to the strength of the chain, reinforcing the 18K gold and making it durable enough to wear daily.

A: Our Lifetime Guarantee is the best in the industry. Your chain should look as good as the day you bought it, or we will replace it for you. It’s that simple. Contact us quoting your purchase order number at our toll-free number for further assistance.

A: When you wear an Inch of Gold chain all you see is the beauty of 18K gold. You can wear Inch of Gold side by side with a solid 18K chain and you would not see a difference. The same is true comparing Inch of Silver to another .925 sterling silver, although on some links they may have a shinier appearance due to the Acryseal*. This is because silver eventually oxidizes and the Acryseal*clearcoat prevents this. For this reason Inch of Silver is often chosen by wearers of white gold for its similarity in appearance. The substance of an IOG chain – its weight, balance and ‘feel’ – is the same as a solid chain that cost many times more.

A: We use the highest quality clasps for your chain, made by Inch of Gold in the same layered method and with the same Lifetime Guarantee. The clasp is chosen to match the chain. Some chains, like the 13mm brick link, have a specially designed clasp that holds it securely and comfortably. Do you have a certain preference of clasp? Give us a call, and if we can we’ll accommodate your request.

A: Online shopping should be easy and enjoyable, with the convenience of 24/7 availability and peace of mind. We offer Paypal as a widely renowned secure payment method, tried and true. If you prefer, call us toll-free to place your order and we’ll take your credit card number over the phone. We want your shopping experience to be a positive one. You can be assured we never pass any personal information about our customers on to anyone.

A: Not at present. However, many wearers of white gold choose Inch of Silver because our silver layered chains have a similar appearance to white gold, and the Acryseal* clearcoat that protects them keeps them bright.

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