For A Necklace

You will need a mirror you can stand in front of and a soft flexible tape measure or a string.

Standing in front of the mirror, place the tape or string around the back of the neck where a neck-chain would sit. Take your time and adjust the length as it hangs in a gentle oval until it sits where you want the neck-chain to hang. Hold the string at this point and measure it to see how long it is, making sure that fingers in the way do not skew the length. If using a tape measure, look at it in the mirror to see the length or mark the spot with your finger, remove from the neck and record the length you need. FOR A PENDANT CHAIN, hold the string/tape in a gentle V? shape to simulate the weight of the pendant. Adjust the length until the base of the V? sits just above where you want the pendant to sit on your chest.

Remember in all measurements to keep your fingers out of the way as much as possible and take note of even a ?”?. It does make a difference, and don’t forget, partial inches are free! That’s because we want it to be perfect for you.

Measuring For Someone Else:

Go through the motions described above with them to determine their preferences. If it’s a gift (surprise!), or if they’re not available, measure a piece they already own and like. Otherwise, here’s what to do:

If you’re buying for a man, do you know what his dress shirt size might be? (They are sized by neck measurements.) Add four or five inches to that number for a chain that would drape nicely and show within an open shirt collar (eg. a casual golf/polo shirt). To adjust the length from that point, a basic guideline is every 1″ added to a chain brings the front of the chain down approximately ??”.

At the store we ask about his build and make the following recommendations:

If his build is:
Small  18″
Medium  20″
Large  22″
XLarge  24+”

These measurements are estimates only based on our extensive experience, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be glad to help you out.

The following are guidelines only for ordering a BRACELET for someone else:

  • LADIES – Small – 7″? (finished length)
    • Medium/Average – 7 1/2″?
    • Above Average 8″?
  • MENS – Small 7 1/2″? (finished length)
    • Medium/Average 8″?
    • Above Average 8 1/2″?

For A Bracelet:

If you have one that fits you well, measure it end to end (including clasp) and send us the size. If you don’t, well that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? It’s easy to do: Use a string and wrap your wrist loosely so that a finger can fit under it. Mark that point and measure the string to see the length. Take note of partial inches, because they make a difference and we don’t charge for the extra link(s).

Standard bracelets are usually 7″ in length, with the clasp adding to its size. We prefer to use final (CLASP INCLUDED) measurements of the chain because it’s more accurate. Clasps in different sizes add different lengths to the chain.

If in doubt, mark a string at a chosen length and wrap it around the wrist to confim that it fits loosely enough to be comfortable. Add or subtract ?”? to see if it gets better. Send us the best measurement (remember, partial inches are free!)

For An Anklet:

Anklets are a popular choice for Inch of Gold purchasers. In our experience over 95% of women cannot find a perfect fit with a pre-made anklet anywhere. Even ?”? makes a tremendous difference because anklets will hang at the lowest point due to gravity, where they can catch every time you take a step and be uncomfortable to wear.

Now, everyone has a different size and bone structure, but we offer these simple instructions to find YOUR perfect fit:

Measure the widest point of your ankle around the ankle bone with the tape measure going straight around (not dipping low to one side or the other). Add 1-?”? and send us this measurement. This will give you an anklet that sits just below the ankle, but not too low to catch on a shoe.