About Us!



Since 1982, Inch of Gold has supplied quality custom made chains to customers who appreciate beauty and comfort, while demanding selection, value and affordability.

They revolutionized fashion jewellery by selling 18K layered gold and silver chain 'by the inch' so the consumer enjoys a perfect fit tailored to their measurements. Excellent customer service and chains backed by a Lifetime Guarantee have cemented their reputation as THE choice for custom made jewellery chains.

Other companies have imitated this method of selling chains, but none can compare. Only Inch of Gold chains have the added protection of ACRYSEAL*, a patented clear coat seal applied to every chain. We stand behind our products with pride and the confidence that we have what you're looking for: Quality custom jewellery you will fall in love with and wear forever.

A Lifetime Guarantee, in writing, is included with every chain we sell. While Inch of Gold has been available in Canada for years, Canada's flagship store is currently in Merrickille, Ontario - a historic village conveniently situated south of the nation's capital.

Here we are proud to offer great selection and the personalized service that results in a perfect fit every time. We are pleased to offer the convenience of ordering online and promise the same attention to detail as you would find in person at our store. We welcome customers new and old to online Inch of Gold Canada.